A loan for already without guarantors is a hit of recent months


During the holidays, whether it’s Christmas, each of us checks the portfolio and wonders what holidays or holidays he can afford and whether he can afford it at all. Some, after a small analysis of the home budget, decide on a more expensive holiday or holidays at home or abroad, others choose the cheapest option, others give up the trip.

In each of these cases, a cash loan for a statement can be helpful, without unnecessary formalities that discourage us. Just go to the bank, submit the minimum required documents and your dream vacation is within reach.

And when it turns out that borrowing is not so scary, as is the repayment of the loan is not so burdensome for our pocket, we can be tempted to take the next step, eg to change the car for a better, newer one.
The cheapest car loan is then desirable.

What should be considered when analyzing the conditions of banks?

What should be considered when analyzing the conditions of banks?

This is, among others loan period, commission, loan repayment insurance, time to wait for a credit decision, own contribution, it can also be another convenience offered by the bank, eg an initial cash package offered as part of a loan for any purpose .

Once we have replaced the car, we pay the liabilities to the bank and we find that this way of financing our purchases is beneficial to us, we can go further in our purchasing plans. It may turn out that the plan to buy “four walls” is quite realistic, then we can do nothing but a reliable housing loan. 

What is worth remembering?

What is worth remembering?

Each bank tries to compose its offer in such a way that it stands out from the competition and attracts the attention of potential customers. Banks also build brand position by promoting specific products.

The customer receives all the most important loan conditions on one page of the contract and thanks to this he can precisely calculate how much it will cost the borrowed cash

Thanks to this, each borrower knows the interest rate and the conditions for changing it, as well as all fees related to granting the loan. The customer can compare the basic, fixed parameters of the loan and the potential possibilities, such as early repayment of the loan without fees. Thanks to this, there is a greater chance that the potential borrower will make rational decisions, guided by his well-understood interests, and not acting under the influence of a marketing campaign based on half-truths.

Conditions for granting the loan

Conditions for granting the loan

At the same time, the bank gives 21 days to withdraw from the contract if the customer so wishes. Thanks to this, customers who find a better offer or just give up after thinking will not be exposed to any additional costs. Positive terms about cash loan are also influenced by its terms. Customers can borrow from 1,000 to 150,000 for a period of 6 to 96 months.

A big advantage is also the possibility of borrowing money without leaving home. To this end, the customer must complete a loan application using the online form.

The bank declares that it will examine the application without undue delay. If the decision is positive, a consultant will contact the client. The borrower will be able to choose whether he wants to sign a contract at a bank branch or whether signatures will be collected by exchanging documents via courier.

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